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Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor kidding!

We see why they call today Labor Day. Mommy and Granny worked so hard! They fixed us a playroom, though, and we love it. Here is a picture of it below. It looks kind of busy, huh? There is plenty of stuff so we don't get bored. We went on a little outing to Sam's today to pick some things up and then spent the rest of the day playing and resting while Mommy and Granny worked. You can see in the picture of us on the bed that Garet really doesn't like to sit still for pictures like she used to. Oh well!! At least Mommy has a few already!


  1. Wow! You girls really did work Mommy and Granny hard today but they can handle it. I love your new playroom and I can tell you like it too. I miss you lots and look forward to seeing you soon. Love you!!!

  2. I just keep coming back to this page to look at your adorable smiles! Love you girls!!