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Friday, September 10, 2010

Tea time!

Today we took a little trip to Roswell, Georgia for tea! Sorry about the first picture having too much light. We were trying to tell the lady to move a little bit so that wouldn't happen, but oh well! Anyway, we sat in the big high chairs and had some baby cookies (puffs) while Mommy and Granny had their tea and lunch. We were dressed appropriately in our scottie dog dresses that Aunt Kristen made Granny buy for us. We had such a nice time! Garet got a little too excited and started squealing so we left before we got dessert. We came home and took loooonnnnggggg naps until it was time for dinner at the taqueria. What a day! Garet is really moving well. When everyone else is in a different room, she makes her way to wherever they are. On top of that, she starts climbing up your leg when she reaches you. Won't be long before she is pulling up to a stand. Mommy and Granny think Kitt will be getting a tooth very soon. Stay tuned!

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  1. You girls are certainly enjoying the finer things in life. Imagine--your first tea and you're not even a year old yet. I love your outfits and am sure your great granny would approve of them, too. Kitt, have your Mommy take a close up of your mouth and Doc grandpa will check out the tooth situation. And Garet, I do believe you will be walking very shortly. I hope you enjoy Aunt LeAnn's shower today! Try not to steal the show though. Bye! Love you!