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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

3 days?

It has been too long since we last wrote. Now that we are moving around so much, Mommy has to use our nap time to do other things so by time we're in bed, she is so busy around the house. We don't really appreciate her excuses, either, and are glad to be posting today. So this morning, Mommy put Garet in the exersaucer for safekeeping while she fed Kitt and can you imagine that she got out???? Mommy cannot figure out how it happened but it seems as though nothing is safe anymore! We had to build a fence around Kitt's house this morning to keep intruders away so that was helpful. We also went over to Emily and Frankie's house to play for a little while. Tonight we had some new people over for dinner....the people who took pictures at Mommy and Daddy's wedding. Of course, we always enjoy new visitors and they were no exception. It also meant we got to stay up a little later than usual. We're done for today.....


  1. I've been missing seeing you girls. Are those new fall outfits you are wearing? I see that Kitt has a "piece of mail" from her mailbox in her pocket! I'm glad there is now a "fence" around the house so she can play in "peace!" I looked at the exersaucer here, and I cannot fathom how Garet got out of it. Look out everyone - nothing is going to slow Garet down. I'm going to visit GAMA and Uncle Michael in New York tomorrow, but I hope to see you on GAMA's computer! Play nicely together. Love you, Granny

  2. GARET, BE NICE!!!!! You know how much Kitt likes her house!!! Keep it up, and you won't be invited inside! :) I love your new fall outfits, but not as much as I love you!!!!!
    I can't wait to see you soon,
    Aunt Kristen
    P.S. Your hair's been looking wildly adorable lately. I can't wait to play with and fix it!