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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ho hum

Here we are just hanging out at the house today. A couple things to note would be the new habit Kitt has of twisting her tongue (you can see it in the first picture). Also, check out the start of Garet's new tooth (it's on the top on the right side of her mouth). We went to the mall today and then played around the house.


  1. Hello from Aunt GAMA's house! As always, I loved your pictures. Kitt, you need your UF cheerleader outfit for your cheering! Aunt Kristen, Aunt Mark, GAMA and I laughed so hard at Garet's new tooth and Kitt's tongue rolling. How talented you are, Kitt! I saw pictures of you in Uncle Michael's apt. when we visited last night. I think you would love his cat and GAMA's dog. Love you and miss you. Granny

  2. Wow, did yesterdays pictures cause us all to laugh so hard! Beyond the laughter of Kitt's new tongue-rolling trick and Garet's big smile showing her new tooth, I thought the picture of the 2 of you sitting and smiling at each other was so very precious. It made me look into the future when you will both be talking to each other and sharing your thoughts and desires. We are all having a good time. Tomorrow, we will be celebrating Aunt Kristen's recently big accomplishments.

    Love, GAMA

  3. Hi girls! You're looking terrific and I love the photo of the two of you looking and smiling at each other.