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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Let's see....

We know that we haven't posted in a few days but there has not been that much going on. On top of that, we don't often tell on Mommy, but she has NOT been taking very many pictures of us. She spends a lot of time getting Garet away from Kitt! Yesterday, we went to the mall with Mommy to meet her friend who also has a set of twins. They were really small compared to us (4 months old) but we had a fun time walking around and eating lunch together. Last night, Joni, one of Daddy's friends from college, came by and had dinner with us. Today we ran some errands with Mommy and hung out with Daddy while Mommy ran some errands on her own. We are going to meet another new friend tomorrow and then tomorrow night a good friend of Mommy's is coming to town with her new baby. We are looking forward to the next few days!


  1. Garet, have you been harrassing your sister? I sure hope not. Looks like you girls have been busy spending time with all your visitors. And there's more to come. Have fun!!!

  2. OK, Garet, so Grandpa Paul already mentioned your ill behavior toward Kitt, so I won't harp on the issue. But, I just want you to know that when your Mommy and Daddy were so happy having twins, I think one reason was because you two would have so much fun playing together -- not that one twin would pick on the other. So, tomorrow is another day and I look forward to the two of you hugging each other and playing well together! Have fun with all of your visitors.
    Love, GAMA