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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Old friend, new friend

We had lunch today with a friend Mommy has known since her first year in high school. Mommy and Ashley went on choir tour together in 1994! Now they both live here in Atlanta and found each other about 2 years ago on Facebook. Anyway, she had a baby, too, the same month we were born and today was the first day for us all the meet each other. His name is Harry and we think we are all going to be good friends! This afternoon we took a walk and played with Mommy around the house. She is going to the airport tonight to pick up another friend that we will get to meet tomorrow when we wake up. See you then!


  1. Hello My Beautiful Angels!
    I know you're both gorgeous and all, but let's try to not break Harry's heart just yet, shall we? :)
    Love you both tons!!!
    Aunt Kristen

  2. Hi Girls, I've missed you so much since I've been home, but I've gotten a chance to "rest" so I can leave today for my 5 mile Hike Inn. If I get stuck on the mountain I may need to call your daddy to come get me! Tell Mommy I want to see a picture of Ashley, Harry's mom, because I remember her, too, from her high school days. Play nicely with the new friend Calvin who is coming from Texas. Don't steal his toys. Boy, do I have a neat toy that two of my friends bought to give to you. First, Gramdpa or your daddy will have to put it together. Love you girls; and Garet, please don't take Kitt's toys!!!! Granny