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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pictures please!

We know that most of the time you really just come here to see the pictures so we'll let you do just that today :)


  1. "Miss Garet" Granny has a picture of Aunt Kristen when she was a little older than you, and she is "sitting" on the door of the open dishwasher so she can play with the dishes and silverware. Your Mommy better beware as that will probably be your next step! "Miss Kitt" you look so content playing with all your favorite toys. I'm glad you're not getting into mischief, YET! Love you sweet girls, Granny

  2. Lookin' good as always, Ladies! Kitt, I'm glad to see you out of "the house" and playing with some new toys. Hey, I just realized we didn't get to see you in your b'day tiaras yesterday for your 11-month one. Can you believe it's less than a month until you're 1 year old?!?! And I get to be there to celebrate!!! I can't wait!!!
    I love you lots and lots and LOTS!!!!!
    Aunt Kristen

  3. Oops, my B, Ladies! Your silly Aunt Kristen really does know that you were born on the 25th of the month, not the 23rd. I guess she's just soooooooooo excited about your party on the 23rd that she got confused (or had a "senior moment" like your Mommy had earlier this week). Either way, I'm so excited b/c this means I may get to see more pictures of you in your tiaras (hint hint nudge nudge to your Mommy)!!! I tell you what, though. You make one little error on your blog, and you hear about it from everyone, huh?!?!
    Have a nice w'end, Angels.
    I love you.