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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Welcome home!

We were sad to take Granny to the airport today, but while we were there, we picked up Daddy. We were glad to see him! Of course, we know we will see Granny again next month (we've been able to see her every month since we've been born!) Today Mommy had a party for Aunt LeAnn's new baby. Daddy took us away though so we didn't get to be here. It looked like a lot of fun as when we got home, there was some leftover food, some pretty balloons and lots of presents. You can also see a picture of the cake Mommy made for the party. We had a great time playing in our play room with Daddy and also with Aunt LeAnn. We think it may have been the necklace she was wearing but Garet pulled up to standing just to grab the beads! Kitt sure did have a good time with Daddy and Aunt LeAnn, too. We must have been worn out by the time we got home because we both went straight to sleep after our last bottle.

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  1. What a fun day you had! I know you girls were happy to see your Daddy back home. I was happy to see Granny and she told me all about how well you both are doing. I see your Mommy hasn't lost the knack of baking and decorating cakes. She made a really nice cake for Aunt LeAnn's party. Garet, I am excited to see you pulling up to a standing position and, Kitt, I know you'll be doing that too before long. I'm looking forward to seeing you next month. Love you lots!!!