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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Extra, extra

Whew...what a day! First of all we should back up one day. Granny came to town yesterday and is going to stay with us for a whole week. While she is here Daddy is in Florida so we are going to try and do an extra great job with the blog so he can keep up with us. The two videos are actually from yesterday but we hope you enjoy seeing us play together.
For those of you who like football (we're not sure we know what it is since we were in the NICU last football season, but we don't get the feeling that Mommy really likes it) you know that today was a big day. We couldn't decide who to cheer for as we have ties to Baylor, Auburn and Florida. We were really torn! So far one of our teams has won but we won't find out about the others until we wake up tomorrow. We spend so much time being Braves fans, it's hard to keep up with anything else. Moving on....Kitt spent some time fixing her hair this morning. Doesn't the bow look great? See Aunt Kristen: I do have hair :) This afternoon we went to the Decatur Book Festival which is supposedly one of the best festivals in the country. Mommy saw a couple of people she knew and we just enjoyed new scenery while we walked around. We stopped and had lunch, ran a couple other errands and then came home. What a day! We will sleep well tonight.


  1. You girls certainly did have a busy day. I can tell you are well on your way to becoming true Gators. You both looked so cute in your cheerleader outfits. I'm happy to see you playing so well together. And Kitt, I can remember taping a ribbon to your Mommy's head when she was your age (or maybe even older). Thanks for taking the time to blog tonight. Your Daddy and I are having a good time eating pizza and watching football. Sleep well. Love you!

  2. Hi Princesses!

    You look like you are having so much fun. I wish I were there with you so that we could all play together. Kitt, your hair looks beautiful, just like you and your sister. I love you lots and lost and lots.

    Aunt Kristen