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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday, Sunday

Today Aunt LeAnn was preaching at church so we got all dressed up thinking we were going to get to see her (you can see our pretty dresses in the picture but we were really not cooperating with the camera). Then Mommy took us to the nursery! We had a fun time there, though, as were the only babies. Granny stayed in there with us as did a lady named, Mrs. Eva. There were lots of toys. We went to lunch, came home to take a nap, and then lucky us: Aunt LeAnn and Uncle Barry were at our house when we woke up. We visited with them. Later in the day we splashed around in the bucket of water and even got in to splash. Garet stayed in for a little while and then got herself out with just a little help from Mommy. Kitt, on the other hand, sat and splashed for a really long time. It was a fun day!

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  1. Sunday Sunday is cool. Great photos with really cute outfits. But today is Monday Monday and we're all waiting for a new blog with photos of the new play room. :) :) :)