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Monday, May 24, 2010

Back to knitting

So yesterday we went to our neighborhood pool for the first time. Sorry we don't have any pictures to post but Mommy and Daddy were so busy watching us that they didn't take any. As for today, we had a great day! Garet slept until 10:30AM!!! Can you believe it? Nanny was here, of course, and she watched out for us while Mommy went to the grocery store to get us some real baby food (among other things, too). We will let you know how that goes when we try it. We played at home and then Mommy finally took us back to the knitting group. We sure do love listening to all the ladies talk and we sure don't mind all that attention either!


  1. Good seeing you girls! I don't remember seeing those outfits. Are they new? It certainly looks as though Garet is entertaining Kitt - it must be pulling up her top and showing off her tummy! It does look as though you had a good time together. We talked about you tonight with Aunt Kristen, Uncle Mark as we celebrated Grandpas's birthday at Bone Fish. You would not believe how big his dessert was! Well, it is his birthday so that is acceptable. He loved his bithday picture of you at Panera and also the gift certificate from you. He can put that together with his "$6" complimentary certificate he received in the mail! Love you lots and can't wait to see you. Granny

  2. Hi, Goofballs!!! I've missed you. Looking gorgeous as always.
    Love you LOTS!!!