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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Where have we been?

So we know we didn't post anything last night but Mommy went to a meeting and didn't get home until almost 10:00! We were up waiting to kiss her goodnight when she got home but she said she was just too tired to let us get to typing. Sorry about that. The good news from Tuesday is it looks like we have gotten right back to our old routine. We are sleeping all night long again until 8 or 9 AM. Mommy was a little worried we would stay on our Central Time schedule of getting up at 7, but luckily for her, we have not! Yesterday, Nanny came and we were so glad to see her again. She said we had grown so much. Mommy took us for a walk and then Daddy was in charge while she went to her meeting.

Today was a good day, too! The best thing about today was that we went with Mommy, Emily and Emily's Mommy to the Taqueria. Everyone there asked where we had been, but the owner, Rob had remembered that we were going out of town. Good think or else they probably would have thought something happened to us. We took a couple of good naps today, too, which was nice because Mommy got some things done. She said that before we were born she could unpack after a trip in about an hour. We're trying to figure out why it's taken her two days (and truth be told, she's not finished yet!!!) Kitt took her eye out again this afternoon so luckily Daddy was here to help put it back in. Daddy took us for a walk tonight; we took baths and went to bed.


  1. Glad to see you back blogging girls. I missed hearing from you yesterday. As your great grandfather (Popsie) used to say, "it's like a morgue around here since everyone has gone." Miss y'all!!!

  2. Hey cutie pies... What wonderful pictures! You all are growing so fast. I can't wait to see you again very soon!! :) Glad to hear you've gotten right back into your routine. Miss you!!

  3. Baby Girls - I stayed up late last night searching for the latest blog. In fact, I called your Mommy today to make sure she had recuperated from the trip home. As always, it was great seeing both of you - I miss you so, but today I got my turn to "float" around in a pool here (so that was relaxing.) I'll be checking in on you again tomorrow. Love you lots, Granny

  4. Wow, angels!!! Chubby legs everywhere I turn! In addition to eating, looks like Garet kept up one of the other "tricks" she picked up in Pensacola: lifting up her shirt to let everyone see her belly! Too bad your Mommy tricked you in the picture above: You had clothing on underneath! :)
    Love you ladies!