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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We didn't do much at all today but it was a nice, relaxing day! Granny treated Mommy to a facial so Granny watched us during that time. Kitt has had a rash on her neck so Mommy decided to let a doctor see it. There is a pediatrician here that Mommy went to college with so she looked at the rash. We got some cream and should be all better very soon. Aunt Kristen came over today and spent some time with us which was fun. We played around the house and then hung out with Granny and Grandpa some more. It sure is nice having them right here in the same house for such a long time!

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  1. You girls have been so fortunate to have Aunt Kristen in town this week for she has surely enjoyed spending time with you. She returns to Gainesville Friday to study for the bar exam so it may be a little while before you see her again. Knowing her, though, she will make an effort to see you before she moves to D.C. for her new job. I was glad today was relaxing as all our "running around town" is exhausting for Granny. I understand your mommy's science teacher from middle school is coming to meet you tomorrow! You are two very popular, loved and prayed for girls. Love you lots, Granny