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Saturday, May 8, 2010

We sure are loved!

Today was a day for lots of people who love us and who have prayed for us to finally meet us! This morning Dr. T, Dr. Paula and Mrs. Ford came to meet us. Mommy has known them for a very long time so she was excited for us to meet them. Then we rested up for our big afternoon party. We were such a big hit at the party--Granny counted over 75 people! Everyone oohed and aahed over how pretty we are and how big we are! We still think we're pretty small but apparently, we're a lot bigger than we used to be. We got so many nice presents, even though Mommy said people didn't need to bring anything. You know how ladies are though, when there are baby girls involved :) We did so great, not crying at all, and not even getting hungry the whole length of the party. Some people asked if we're always this good, and one person even asked if Mommy gave us sleeping medicine in our milk! We were just so glad to have that much attention....of course we were happy! Tonight we went out to dinner with Mommy, Daddy, Granny, Grandpa, Aunt Kristen and Uncle Mark. What a day!!!! Now off to bed.....

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  1. Girls, I am "totally exhausted" after today's party, but you were AWESOME. I told your mommy she must truly feel loved to have so many people coming to express their love and their many prayers lifted up on your behalf. Everyone said how beautiful you are, but I already know that. I think Aunt Kristen was pleased that the "hot toes" were a big hit with all the ladies. Of course, the ladies were happy to see her and to learn of her latest accomplishment of law school graduation. I think she enjoyed all the attention, too, although she would never admit it. Tomorrow is another big day (less stressful for me) so sleep tight, and I look forward to your morning smiles. I love you, Granny