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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

This morning we both hung out on the counter while Mommy made breakfast. We liked being up high to be sure we didn't miss anything. During Kitt's morning nap, she took her eye out! Mommy and Granny managed to get it back in. Mommy got a little nervous but Granny helped keep Kitt still and calm so Mommy could get it in. Later in the day, we went for a Whataburger and then shopping at Sam's. Tonight Aunt Kristen and Uncle Mark came over....Uncle Mark even fed Garet! Aunt Kristen brought us a UF Law Review bib. Garet did not seem to like wearing it but Kitt did. Granny's friends came over to finalize plans for their cruise so after they oohed and aahed over us, Mommy and Grandpa took us for a walk in the stroller Granny got for us while we visit. It was another fun day!

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  1. I think Garet is trying to say that she does not like the bib because she does not want to be a lawyer. She's leaning toward being a neurosurgeon or an Oscar winning actress. She's not sure yet. And Kitt, well she wants to sit on the Supreme Court so that's why she likes the bib!