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Monday, May 3, 2010

On the road again.....

Mommy had an early morning appointment and when she got back, we got ready to get on the road. Daddy packed the car while we were still sleeping. You should have seen it! There was so much stuff in it and that was without having to take beds or a stroller for us. Luckily, Granny had everything like that in Pensacola. So what should have been a five hour drive turned into seven. We think it was because of the hard rain, but Mommy says we may have slowed her down some. When we got here, Garet showed Kitt around. You might remember that Garet has been here before when Kitt went with Mommy and Daddy to Philadelphia. We got settled, ate, took baths, ate again and went to bed. We were so tired that there were no tears before bed (which is unusual for us these days!) We have our own room but luckily it is right next to the room where Mommy is sleeping so she can hear us when we cry. She took a couple of pictures of our room for you to see. We are also wearing special shirts from one of Mommy's friends with a message for Daddy.

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  1. Granny is thrilled to have you here w/me in Pensacola. My hope is that your mommy can get some much needed rest as she works tirelessly every day to ensure you are loved and well cared for; in addition to keeping up the blog and maintaining her many jobs. Now I have witnessed (and helped) both your mom and dad insert Kitt's eye (oh, how I wish it wouldn't come out!), and I am utterly amazed at their strength. God has blessed your parents with such patience. I think Granny is going to pamper your Mom some - and then tonight Aunt Kristen will be here to help even more. You know you two are a true blessing to Granny. I love you.