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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Swinging Away

Today was a slow day at first. We got up, smiling, of course, and after breakfast we went to the Pain Management Center. Granny goes there and so many people there ask about us that we just had to go by so they could see us live and in color! They were so happy when we got there and went on and on about how big we are and how great we look. We ran a few errands and took some naps. Later in the day, we went with Mommy and Granny for a walk to the Cowboy Park. Mommy used to play there when she was a little girl. We got to swing for the first time which we really liked. Aunt Kristen came over for a visit tonight, too. We just hung out with Mommy, Aunt Kristen, Granny and Grandpa. It was another fun day!

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