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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sweet potatoes anyone?

What an exciting day! Aunt LeAnn came to get us out of bed this morning and hung out with us most of today. We went to the cupcake place (and yes, they asked where we had been. One lady said something was missing while we were away and she finally realized it was us!!!) and had cupcakes with Kate, Alyce and their Mommy. They sure did like playing with us and we thought they were pretty funny. Tonight we tried sweet potatoes again. Garet did a great job with them and was so funny trying to figure out what to do with them. Kitt is still working on it but will get there soon!


  1. Hi Girls, as always I loved your pictures and the video; however, I couldn't understand why your mommy forgot to put on bibs! Those sweet potatoes are sure going to leave stains - kinda like spaghetti sauce! Is that a familiar chair I saw you sitting on? My friend J.J. looked at the glider on the back porch today and said she would have no problem putting it into her car when we make the trip to your house in a couple of weeks. Tell your daddy to get the "primer" ready so he can have it ready for the front lawn! Love you girls, Granny

  2. Wow, you girls look so cute eating your sweet potatoes. I can see that for "Kitt-Cat", they may have to be more of an acquired taste. And, then there's Garet, just diving in for the food. (Hmmmm, who does that remind me of???) I must say that one of my first thoughts was the same as Granny's --- where are the bibs? Kitt was probably wearing more sweet potatoes than that which she digested. But, it was sure funny watching those videos. You girls really made me chuckle. Thank you, you adorable bundles of joy!
    Love, GAMA

  3. One more thing.................HAPPY FIRST MEMORIAL DAY! Because of all your hard work in the past, you both get to have 3 full days to relax and not do any work!

  4. ha ha - my first thought too was "where are the bibs - those cute outfits are going to be STAINED!!" (sorry brittany...)

    what sweet, sweet girls.