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Sunday, May 30, 2010

We're beat!

We were such the popular girls today! We went with Mommy to church and were greeted with some friends who had been waiting a long time to see us: Jane and Jana. They both moved a long way away but were here this weekend to see Aunt LeAnn, and of course, us! After church they all came to our house for lunch and playtime/hold time with us. We had such a good time being loved on for so long. Then Aunt LeAnn's Daddy and Grandma came to the house to pick her up so you will see them in some pictures, too. The attention wasn't over though. We went up to see some relatives just north of here. We met some of our third cousins and a great-great aunt! We didn't get put down even one time. Some pictures are below but there were so many from today that Mommy put them in a Snapfish album for you to see. Of course, Garet did not want to sleep at all during the excitement so she was exhausted when we got home. It was a great day for everyone!


  1. I'm glad you had such a fun filled and exciting day girls, even if it was exhausting. I love your Scotty terrier dresses and I'm happy you were able to meet so many of your Mommy's friends and relatives. Make sure your Mommy and Daddy take you to see a Memorial Day parade tomorrow. Good night! :)

  2. Hi Princesses!!!
    I bet your Scottish relatives loved your dresses. They are soooooooooo adorable and so are you. I missed you yesterday. Your Aunt Kristen loves you lots!!!

  3. What a treat to see you girls with so many people who love you. It was especially good for me to see my cousin Sheila and my Aunt Rita. They have prayed diligently for you girls. However, I was sorry I didn't see a picture of Carla, the hostess of the party. Was she so busy she didn't get a chance to hold you? She came to the hospital when you were born anxious to see you only to learn no one could go into intensive care. Have a fun holiday tomorrow; although it appears as though every day is a "holiday" for you girls. Love you lots, Granny

  4. Wow! You ladies had a busy day.
    - Uncle Phill -