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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Our last day in Florida

Today was our last day here at Granny and Grandpa's. We had such a great time here visiting with them (for two whole weeks) and getting spoiled by them! Mommy will also really miss being here because Granny spoils her, too (and because Granny and Grandpa are such great help)! Today we went to the church where Mommy grew up. There were so many people who rushed over to meet us and see how far we have come. We didn't know these people, and we're not sure Mommy knew them all either, but we did like the attention. Then we went to lunch at a restaurant and came home. We had some visitors this afternoon. Mrs. Beverly and Mrs. Bonnie (they're sisters) came to visit us. They have known people in our family for a long, long time and were both excited to see us. Then Uncle Mark and his Mommy and Daddy came over. They have been following our blog since we were first born and so were so glad to finally see us in person. We got some things packed up and then went to bed for the car ride home tomorrow.

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  1. Should I be more jealous of Mark or Garet in the second picture above? Hmmm...tough call! :)