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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Family fun

We had such a fun day today just hanging out. All four of us went to Panera Bread this morning and thought of Grandpa. Mommy and Daddy has souffles....they sure did look good! Then we came home and hung out together. Mommy and Daddy watched a movie. We did overhear Mommy comment that it is harder to watch a movie with babies waking up and needing to be fed but we like to keep her busy! We think we're doing a great job at that. Mommy had fun taking pictures of us this afternoon on the floor, mainly watching Garet try to eat Kitt's shirt! We will see you soon.....


  1. Girls, Your outfits remind Granny of a water tumbler she bought today that has pink flip flops on it - it "takes" me back to the beach! Your flip flop outfits are "so cute" as are you. Each time you wear the outfits you can think of the Florida beaches. It was obvious by your faces that you were having a fun day. Love you lots, Granny

  2. My goodness, you two are the best dressed babies I have ever known. Today's outfits are awesome. Kitt, I think you better watch out. I think Garet is going to play some funny jokes on you when you two are a bit older. For now, be thankful that she just tugs on your outfits.
    Love, GAMA