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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Big eaters we are!

Garet: I am up to 30 cc of Mommy's milk now and down to 1 liter of oxygen. Daddy held me for a little while tonight but I had a hard time breathing again so they had to put me back in my bed. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. The top two pictures are of me.

Kitt: I am up to 37 cc of Mommy's milk now and also down to 1 liter of oxygen! Mommy held me for a long time and they even gave me a T-shirt to wear. The good news is that Mommy gets to bring me some real clothes to wear tomorrow while they wean me off my heated bed. We'll see how it goes. The bottom two pictures are of me.

Our new hats that we're wearing tonight are made by Mommy and Daddy's friend, Jill. Aren't they cute?

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  1. Way to go girls! You are more and more like your mom with each post ;) Of course, if you end up only eating salads, then you're like your dad. Keep up the good work. Love you both!