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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Big Gains

Kitt: Well Mommy thought the maximum feeding was 25 cc but now I get 27 cc of milk every feeding. Last night I weighed 2 pounds 14 ounces! I am breathing on my own even though I still get the lowest setting of oxygen in my nose. When Mommy and Daddy got here tonight the oxygen tube was in my mouth but I was breathing just fine all by myself!

Garet: I am up to 18 cc of Mommy's milk and got off the CPAP machine. I get oxygen in my nose just like my sister. The nurses say that I might get my IV taken out tomorrow. I only get one fluid through it right now and if the doctor says it's okay, it will come out tomorrow. I hope so!

The best part about tonight is that Mommy got to hold both of us at the same time! We're not really sure we realized we were so close to our sister, but we did really well being held. Here are some pictures below. Just like always, you can check out all the pictures by checking out our snapfish album at


  1. my favorite post & pictures yet! :)

  2. I'm beaming! This is wonderful news and beautiful pictures!!

  3. I know you were so happy holding them together! Love you guys so much!

  4. OK, I'M IN LOVE!!!!! Glad to finally see an updated photo of Mommy too. Looks like she got her figure back already and will be in Aunt Kristen's jeans well before C'mas. :)

  5. LOVE the pictures. You all look beautiful!!!! The girls are doing just great!

    I remember when Megan came home....they told me she could come home if she could drink 37cc in 30 minutes. She barely did it and managed to get home.

  6. From everythiing I'm reading, things are looking great! I am so happy for you all, but I will continue praying! Brittany, I know we haven't met, but you look great!! Joe, please keep me posted on any specific prayer requests!