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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Check us out!

Kitt: When Mommy and Daddy got here, I was getting my bath. I really seemed to like it especially when they washed my hair. I liked having my head rubbed! I have some really great news tonight. I am up to 34 cc of Mommy's milk and tonight I weighed 3 pounds and 15 ounces!! Can you believe it? I am going to get weaned off my heated bed starting tonight or tomorrow and that typically takes 48 hours to be fully weaned off. That's one requirement for going home, I'm told. Daddy held me during my whole feeding tonight which was about an hour. That's me in the second and third picture.

Garet: Mommy gave me my bath tonight. Like my sister, I really enjoyed having my head rubbed. I am still getting 28 cc of Mommy's milk but I also gained weight. I weigh 3 pounds and 5 ounces now. Everyone seemed really excited about that gain. Mommy held me for a little while, but I kept forgetting to breathe right so they had to put me back after just a few minutes. Several of you asked for pictures of my feet, too, so here they are. The bottom two pictures are of me.


  1. Excellent progress, ladies! And, very lovely headpieces! Garet, very nice feet. Gee Kitt, so you lose your heated bed soon. That is one huge accomplishment.

    Joe, you look great holding both of the girls.

  2. The girls are beautiful! We are thinking of you during this difficult time while they are in the NICU. Sending warm wishes - what a blessing they are! Happy Thanksgiving!

    Amy Hartman

  3. you're doing so well little girls! so very proud of you both!

    garet, don't forget to breathe - we want you OFF your machine!

    kitt, glad to hear you're moving out of the heated bed. it sounds pretty luxurious, but i know mommy and daddy will be pleased when you achieve that milestone.

    joe and brittany - keeping you all in our prayers every day!!