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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Granny comes to town!

Granny came to visit us today from Florida! Mommy picked her up at the airport and brought her straight to see us. She got to hold us both right before we ate. There are some pictures below of each of us with her. Granny brought us each a silky toy that you can see in the pictures. Tomorrow we hear there is going to be another visitor.

Kitt: I am in another new outfit today as I messed up the one Mommy put on last night in about four hours. I have done a great job with maintaining my temperature and by the time the night shift is over, I will be in a big girl bed. You will be able to see it tomorrow. The top two pictures are of me.

Garet: I am still taking small steps! I am breathing well and still tolerating my feedings well. I am looking forward to our special visitor tomorrow. The bottom two pictures are of me.


  1. Hey Granny Ras, you look great holding those little bundles of joy. Again, very cute outfits and blankets, girls.

  2. I love this! Look you two are sick at all. Every baby loves getting new toys and having granny hold them.
    Thank-you God for letting us all see your power in these two right before Thanksgiving!

  3. Dear Kitt & Garet:

    Hello, I'm a friend of your grandmother Bertha from North Lauderdale, Florida. My name is Rose-Marie Gulley. And like you I was born in Atlanta, Georgia and lived there until I turned 18 many many years ago and joined the army. Hey, my mama who is 82 still lives in Atlanta on the southwest side very near Cascade, Sandtown, Avon, Campbellton Plaza. I continue to join others in prayer for you and your parents. I'm glad to be able to see you via your mommy's blog and thanks to my friend Bertha for sending me the link. I happy that Grandma Bertha will be there with you this Thanksgiving 2009. I will add your names to the praying list at Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale which part of the body of Christ where I attend church. I wish you and all of your family a happy and blessed Thanksgiving "Holy Day" Holiday.