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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Meeting PawPaw Again

Kitt: PawPaw came from Florida today to visit us and brought us Christmas stockings. We're not really sure what will be so great about Christmas but everyday Mommy says that Christmas will be more fun at home than in the NICU! The nurse put us inside the stockings so that Mommy could take pictures. I am really doing well in my big girl bed and like being able to wear real clothes, too!

Garet: I liked being held by PawPaw, too! This was the first time he had seen us since the night we were born. We sure have changed since then! He was a little nervous because I'm so small, but he did great. I slid right down in my problem. Starting tonight, I am being weaned off my heated bed like my sister. Mommy is going to bring me some clothes tomorrow so I don't have to wear the hospital nightgown (which is a T-shirt on a normal sized newborn). I can't wait.

As always, there are plenty more pictures in the snapfish album. Check it out at


  1. Jean and Paul, that's a fantastic picture of you two with Garet. Two very proud grandparents. WTG!
    Now we need a picture of you two with Kitt, please.

    Those are very cool stockings, girls.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Kitt and Garet! Don't stuff yourselves with pumpkin pie!

  2. There was one of them both with Kitt. I thought I put it on but must not have. Go to Snapfish and see it there until I add it.

  3. Kitt: It was great today seeing my PawPaw. He is so cool! Can't wait 'til I see him again. Life is good.

    Garet: I think I made PawPaw nervous today because my breathing monitor kept beeping while he was holding me. Actually, I was doing that on purpose to play a joke on him. I hope he comes back soon to see me.

    PawPaw: It was great being with you both today, especially since this is your one month birthday. I loved being able to hold you and look forward to seeing you both again real soon.

  4. love the pictures and so glad that Granny and PawPaw got to visit. Happy One Month!