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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wide Awake

Kitt: When Mommy and Daddy got here, I was already wide awake! Mommy changed my diaper and held me tonight. I am getting 33 cc of Mommy's milk now and will get weighed later tonight. I'll be sure to update you tomorrow on my new weight. There was not much new going on with me tonight but I'll share some pictures with you. The top two pictures are of me.

Garet: When Mommy and Daddy got here, I was sound asleep with my hand holding on to my feeding tube. For some reason, I always need to have something in my hand. Daddy changed my diaper and then held me for a little while. I was wide awake when he was holding me. I am getting 28 cc of Mommy's milk and will also get weighed tonight. Stay tuned.....remember we're hoping I make it to 3 pounds tonight! Check out how big my pacifier's nearly the size of my head. The bottom three pictures are of me.

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  1. My fingers are crossed that the weigh-in goes really well! I'm sure you'll make it to 3lbs, Garet. And, Kitt, I hope you gain a couple more ounces too.