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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Here we grow!

Brittany: I went to the doctor today myself and unfortunately, my blood pressure is still high. We are going to wait another week or so before requiring medication but we were all really hoping it would have come down by now. Anyway, now on to why you're really reading :)

Kitt: I am happy to report that I am up to 17 cc of Mommy's milk now! I must really like it and you can tell it is really helping me grow bigger as the days go by. I am on a lower setting on the CPAP today and there is a chance I will come off it tomorrow and just have one of those little pronged tubes up my nose for oxygen. That would be nice and it would help Mommy and Daddy be able to see more of my face. The great part of today's visit was that Mommy got to hold me! I had my eyes open the whole time she held me and even the nurse said she hadn't seen my eyes. Mommy rocked me in the rocker and I just stared. Anyway, here are a couple of pictures of us together.

Garet: No new pictures of me today :( I was sound asleep when Mommy and Daddy came so they didn't open up my bed. However, I am making progress, too! I am getting 6 cc of Mommy's milk right now and seem to like it just fine. My umbilical line has to come out today so it doesn't get infected. They tried to put a pic line in yesterday to take its place but they just couldn't get it in. Luckily, they give me a little pain medicine when they put it in so I don't really notice but it would be nice if they could get it in this afternoon. I am on a lower setting on the CPAP machine and doing well with my breathing. The nurses say we are both doing really well considering that we're twins and how early we were. Maybe we'll get to go home sooner than we all thought. Mommy and Daddy sure hope so, too!


  1. absolutely precious! i'm so glad you were able to hold Kitt today! I pray you'll get to hold Garet soon!!!

  2. I love that she is looking at you in these pictures! Too cute!!

  3. How wonderful! I know it had to be great to hold Kitt! Hopefully it won't be long till you hold Garet too. Thanks for creating the blog. Should make life easier for everyone. Love you all!

  4. those eyes looking up at you are priceless! :)

  5. Those pictures are really sweet. I am so happy you got to hold Kitt. Did Dad get a chance too? I hope your blood pressure continues to decrease and their size increases.