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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving cards for Mommy and Daddy

Garet: Daddy held me and then Mommy weighed me, bathed me and dressed me. I weighed 3 pounds, 11.1 ounces! Speaking of dressed, Daddy had on a new shirt tonight and it only cost $3.00. Thanks, Aunt Bonnie, for giving it to him! I am up to 33 cc of Mommy’s milk, and I took 10 cc from a bottle yesterday. I have a ways to go, too, on getting that down. I know I will get there though.

Kitt: Mommy weighed me on the big girl scale, gave me a bath, put on some new clothes and then held me. I weigh 4 pounds, 9.7 ounces! Now as for the bottles, I have some work to do. I only took 5 cc of my bottle yesterday. I am getting 40 cc of Mommy’s milk now which is good; I just need to learn how to take it from a bottle! The whole time Mommy was holding me, I was sucking my thumb. Now if only I could remember to suck, swallow and breathe while they are giving me a bottle!

Kitt and Garet: We decided that we don’t like the name PawPaw for what we will call Mommy’s daddy so we decided we are going to call him Grandpa instead. We just thought you would all like to know. Mommy and Daddy were away most of yesterday and today visiting family in another state. We hear we’ll get to meet all of those relatives soon and it will be fun! Anyway, apparently, Mommy called our nurses so many times while she was away to check on us. We don’t know why she was so worried….we were in excellent hands. We even made a card for our Mommy and Daddy using our handprints. Here they are:


  1. oh Girls! You are so creative! I love, love, love the cards! Glad to hear you got to spend some quality time with your mom and dad today. Tell your dad sorry about the loss at the Iron Bowl today. You will have many years ahead to cheer WAR EAGLE!!

  2. Hi Girls! You are doing great and you are so blessed to have so many people cheering you on and praying for you, especialy your Mommy and Daddy. They are wonderful parents! We all love you so much. I'm looking forward to seeing you again tomorrow. By the way, thanks for changing my name to grandpa. I never really cared for the PawPaw name but your Granny Ras picked that one out for me. See you tomorrow! :)

  3. Uncle Gene wore his matching shirt today, too--$3.00 as well, but his is burgundy! I'll have to show you girls how to bargain shop when you get a little bigger. Your Great-Granny Goens would want me to do that! Thanks for sharing your Mommy and Daddy with us for Thanksgiving. It was so good to see them and to get first-hand news about how you are doing. Can't wait to get to see you in person.