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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Big Steps

Garet: Mommy and Daddy got a good look at my face tonight when the nurse took my CPAP machine off to clean out my nose. There's a picture below. I weigh 2 pounds 6 ounces now and am eating 10 cc of Mommy's milk. They weren't able to get the pic line in so I have an IV in my arm that I will have to keep in until they are able to get me off all the fluids and just on milk. I kept sneezing tonight when Mommy and Daddy came tonight. They thought it was funny! I am a little bit behind my sister but still doing really well!

Kitt:I am doing really well today! I weigh 2 pounds, 9 ounces now and am up to 25 cc of Mommy's milk already. I just have a little oxygen tube in my nose and am breathing on my own. I have an IV in my arm right now but if my third (of three) blood sugar tests comes back okay, then it will get to come out tomorrow. I will be glad to get it out! I must have pretty sensitive skin as I have a rash on my belly today but the nurses tell me it's because my skin is delicate and I will get tougher over time. Apparently the hospital policy doesn't allow babies to be held until 32 weeks so I shouldn't have been held yesterday. The nurses are going to ask the doctor tomorrow to issue an order so Mommy can hold me again soon. She did get to change my diaper though. Here are some pictures of me from tonight.

Remember if you want to see all the pictures Mommy and Daddy took tonight you can check out the snapfish page. It's link is:

Remember you have to scroll to the of the album to get to the ones from today.


  1. Oh Kitt, that made me cry! I know your mommy and daddy want to hold you to let you know the love of them and Jesus. Continue to be strong and you will get be held soon. Don't worry about your sensitive skin, they make good beauty products for that.
    Garet, you aren't too far behind. Most twins don't really want to be copy cats so it is ok that you are unique. We are all praising God that you are doing better with eating and breathing.

  2. hope the "holding" order comes through tomorrow... yikes for accidentally breaking hospital policy! :) but i know it was worth it to hold kitt!