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Friday, November 13, 2009

Smooth Sailing

Kitt: Mommy held me tonight and read me a story. She read Barnyard Dance to me. The NICU has a huge collection of books that the March of Dimes donated for times such as this. Mommy tells me we have a lot of books waiting for us at home, too! I am getting 30 cc of Mommy's milk and will get weighed later tonight so check back tomorrow to see if I'm packing on the ounces! Mommy also changed my diaper tonight but there are no pictures of me today.

Garet: Daddy not only held me tonight but he also changed my diaper!!!! There is a picture of the two of us below. I am getting 25 cc of Mommy's milk and will also get weighed and bathed later tonight. Hopefully I am getting fatter every day. There is not much new to report with me, but in this place, that's good news! Nothing new means we are stable and making progress, but of course, as things do change I will let you know.

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