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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bottle please!

Kitt: Mommy and Daddy came to visit us today and Mommy actually came back later in the day to visit us some more. There is not much new to report today. Mommy gave me my bottle, but I still need some more practice with it. I had 8 cc from the bottle and the rest in my feeding tube. I will get there though. I seemed really distracted while Mommy was giving me my bottle....just staring around at everything in the room.

Garet: It was good to see Mommy and Daddy today, as usual. I am doing just fine and seem to like drinking from a bottle. I took 12 cc from my bottle and then had the rest from the feeding tube. I do pretty well with the suck and swallow part but adding the breathing is not always easy. We are excited about seeing Granny and Grandpa again tomorrow when they come to visit us.

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  1. Hey girls, I printed out your picture today to go on my fridge. The first of many for the Kitt and Garet Fan Club. Just want you to know you are loved and being prayed for all the way from California. Remember, Christmas will be WAYYY more fun at home than in that hospital. Grow, grow, grow!!