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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Almost 9 pounds!

We are gaining weight and are almost up to 9 pounds combined! Mommy and Daddy came a lot today. Mommy came twice early in the day, then Daddy came in the afternoon; then they both came tonight.

Kitt: I am just a hair over 5 pounds now! We knew all this eating would pay off one day. I am also eating 44 cc of Mommy's milk. The doctor talked to Mommy and Daddy today and he says we are both doing well. My first bottle today was okay. I took about half of it, but for my second bottle, I took all of it, and Mommy gave it all to me! She didn't even need a nurse to give her pointers.

Garet: I weigh 3 pounds, 15.1 ounces now and am up to 35 cc of Mommy's milk. For my first bottle, I took all of it and when it was time for my second bottle I was sound asleep so I didn't try it. The nurses will give it to me later tonight at my 11:30 feeding. The doctor told Mommy that tomorrow (because we are 34 weeks old tomorrow) he is going to take me off the caffeine that I have been getting to stimulate my breathing. He doesn't think I need it anymore. Now I need to teach my sister how to breathe like me!

You probably know that Mommy puts all of the pictures that she and Daddy take on Snapfish. Just so you know, there is a new album for December so you don't have to wait for all the pictures to load to see the day's pictures. The link for that is:

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  1. Oh, Garet, aren't you sweet to offer to help your sister to learn how to breathe better! Kitt, I'm sure that with everyone's encouragement, you will be breathing much better very soon.

    God bless you both and your Mommy and Dad!