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Monday, December 7, 2009

There'll be days like this my Mama said....

Kitt: Today was just one of those days! Remember I had a puffy eye yesterday? Turns out all preemies get their eyes examined to be sure the oxygen we had didn't damage our blood vessels around our eyes. While he was there doing that, he told my doctor I needed some steroid drops to help with the swelling. Hopefully it will go down soon. The eye doctor also noticed something on my eye that is totally unrelated to being born early but we are going to watch it. He says it might be a blood clot that will clear up or something that will need to be treated. Then my day got really exciting. The doctor decided I needed some blood work done because I am having so many breathing issues. He thinks I might have an infection which is affecting my ability to breathe well. They poked and prodded and finally got some blood. It is going to take a couple days to get the results back. Then they had to get an IV in so that they could give me the antibiotics. It was not good at all. Mommy did not like having to hear me cry at all. I think it upset her a lot. I did surprise everyone tonight when even after all I went through today (and seeing as I had not made a really great effort with bottles in several days) by drinking 20 cc in about 5 minutes. Unfortunately, I forgot I have to breathe when I am drinking so I had a little episode and had to go back to bed. Maybe I am on the mend though and can resume all my great progress tomorrow!

Garet: I am still doing well! My eyes looked great when the eye doctor came and there is no damage from the oxygen. I know my Grandpa was worried about that so he can rest easy now. I did my first bottle with no problem but did not do well on the second. I think Mommy was a little frustrated because she was hoping I could move up to three bottles, but today just wasn't the day for that. Daddy gave me a bath was his first time! He did such a great job. Tonight I weighed 4 pounds, 6.4 ounces and I'm 18 inches long. Grammy came back to visit today and held me. It was good to see her again. I heard Mommy and the nurses trying to be sure everyone was on the same page about me breast feeding so I think we are going to try that again tomorrow, too.


  1. Garet, you are doing great and progressing nicely with each passing day. Kitt, I'm sorry to hear you did not have a very good day yesterday. I am so sorry you had to be poked and proded with all those needles. You are in my prayers and I am praying that there is no damage to your eye and your infection will clear up quickly. I know you are both happy to have your Daddy's parents there to be with you.

  2. :( :( :( :( :( :( :( That's your Aunt Kristen when she saw the picture of your eye swollen shut, Kitt. It makes me so sad to think of you having such a crummy day. I hope that you are feeling much better today. I know it hurt getting that IV, but once you get the antibiotic in you, you'll feel so much better. I've been thinking about you alllll day. You too, Garet! Glad to see you're still just chillin'!