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Friday, December 4, 2009

Nothing up our noses!

Mommy was here all day!!! She got here at 10:30 this morning and didn't leave until 9:30 tonight. Every time we woke up, there she was. Unfortunately, she did not have much luck with getting us to take our bottles today. Daddy tried one, too, and it was just not our day. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Be sure to check out our pictures you see something missing from our noses? That's more oxygen cannula. We will see how we do. Mommy's favorite doctor was working today and he decided to see what we could do. He said we were up to the challenge! So far, we are doing well. Our feedings got increased today, too. Now we have to take even more milk in our bottles. It's tough keeping up with everything and living up to all these expectations. (Kitt gets 50 cc of milk and Garet gets 40 cc of milk). There are some cute pictures and videos of us tonight. How do you like our new pant outfits? Thanks, G.A.M.A.!


  1. Hey Garet, you awake? It's me, Kitt. I just want to give you a heads up. I see Mommy coming and she's got another one of those bottles in her hand. Let's make like we're sleeping and maybe she won't force that rubbery thing in our mouths again. I don't know, Kitt, I'm beginning to like how that bottle stuff tastes and besides I heard one of the nurses say that we have to drink 8 of those bottles a day before they'll let us go home with Mommy and Daddy. Okay, I'll give it a try then. They're good to us here but I'm ready to get home and see our own nursery. I hear it is really cool. Some doctor by the name of Zeuss has his picture all over the place. By the way, isn't it great we don't have to have those plastic things in our noses any more? Everyone is happy and excited about that!

  2. The THING 1 & appropriate for twins.

    Yeah you two for getting those things out of your noses. Now for more cords to come off of you, you both gotta drink that milk. I know it doesn't taste that great now but when you are older you can have chocolate in it and even have it frozen with sugar. We want to smile about videos of you both at home. Thanks for both being awake today!

  3. Well, Lovely Ladies, the earlier you are exposed to your Grandpa's corniness (see above for example), the better, I suppose. It's not going away, so you might as well get used to it! On another note, I love your new dashing outfits, but, Kitt, I'm worried that yours swallowed your hands!!! Must run now - big Gator game on soon. Don't worry: your Daddy and I will teach you how to say Go Gators! before you know it. Thinking about you all day, every day! XOXOXO

  4. Girls, you are beautiful, and I could just smother both of you with kisses. I think Aunt Kristen made a mistake when she said your daddy will teach you how to say "Go Gators." I think she meant Grandpa would teach you that phrase or better yet...It's Great to be a Gator! I love your name for Great Aunt Mary Anne - GAMA. Don't forget she has a special birthday this week so you must send her a card. I love you both so much. Love, Granny

  5. Well, you've been introduced to your Aunt Kristen's honesty already... she'll always tell you the truth! But, she is right, it isn't going away. We'd all like to come and see you in your fun room Grandpa was talking about. You have to drink up the milk in order to go home!!! We love you ;)