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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bye-bye 2009!

These pictures are actually from last night that Aunt LeAnn took through the window but we thought we were especially cute in them!
Kitt: I am having a good day today. I am up to 7 pounds, 3 ounces and officially the biggest baby in the nursery! Everyone who looks at me says it's time for me to go.....maybe I will be leaving soon. I have done well with most of my bottles today. Hopefully I will be up to 8 bottles in the next couple of days and then I will be on my way out. When Mommy came in today I was still wearing a hospital t-shirt so she asked the nurse why I wasn't wearing the clothes she brought me. The nurse said I've outgrown all the preemie clothes so she is going to bring me something cute to wear tonight that won't be so tight!

Garet: I have done well with all my bottles today and have been so much more awake than I previously had been. I am up to 6 pounds, 9 ounces now and am the second biggest baby in the nursery. It is about time for us to move on, don't you think? Like my sister, hopefully it won't be long before we get moved to 8 bottles and then once we do that for a couple of days we can leave. We will see if progress continues for the next couple of days like it has been.


  1. Kitt and Garet. I am so proud of your new weight. You look even bigger than you did on Wed. when I last saw you in person. And how adorable you look in your Mom's arms!! Congrats on the way you are managing the increased number of bottles. Keep up the good work and you will soon be able to go home. Love, Grammy

  2. Kitt, these next few years of your life we all will look forward to you having to have new clothes. When girls get older, you don't want to be told your clothes are too tight. Now it is a time for celebration! Congrats on getting those bottle skills!