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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

More bottles please!

We both had a great day! We are down to 1/2 of a liter on oxygen which as the nurse says "is nothing!" Maybe sometime soon we will come off it all the way. We are also each getting two bottles per day now! Mommy came at one touch time today, Daddy came at the next, and then they both came tonight. It was nice to have so much time with them! We will get weighed tonight so check back tomorrow for the updates.

Kitt: I finished both of my bottles today! Mommy gave me a lot of the bottles, but the nurses helped, too. I have been having problems with my breathing but Mommy checked with the doctor and he said he wasn't worried about it. They did lower my oxygen to 1/2 a liter so I think they are trying to challenge me. Let's see if I can handle it! There is a video of me taking my bottle below. I did so great with them today!

Garet: I did my best on both bottles but seem to get real tired with them. On my first bottle today, I took 27 cc and on my second I took 25 cc. I will get there though. I am doing so well with my breathing. Most of the time I pull out my canula and just do things on my own. I know it will just be a matter of time before it comes out.


  1. Lookin' good, Ladies. Keep up the good work! I'm counting down the days til we get to meet in person.

  2. Hi Kitt and Garet,
    I am really not enjoying working on my thesis right now, so could you please update your blog so that I have something fun and new to look at? I can only go to so many times, y'know!

  3. Aunt Kristen-

    Please be patient with us as we are so busy trying to get fatter and learn how to do bottles that we get so tired. Check back in a few minutes though!

    We love you and can't wait to meet you-
    Kitt and Garet