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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Check out our cheeks!

Mommy came even earlier today to visit us and help with our feedings and hold us more. We wonder if the nurses get tired of her if they will send us home sooner :) She was so happy today when she came in and saw the little stickers on our cheeks were gone that she took lots of pictures. We heard that we are going to get to try to breast feed tomorrow so we will all see how that goes! Of course, Daddy also came to visit us tonight, too.

Kitt: When Mommy got here at 8:00 this morning I was sound asleep so the nurse and Mommy decided we wouldn't try a bottle right then. At the second feeding, I took almost a whole bottle...all but 3 cc (which is hardly anything). Now we get weighed every night so my weight last night was 5 pounds, 3 ounces. Mommy held me at the next feeding and then tried to bottle feed me tonight. I took about 30 cc of it, but then I forgot to breathe and got put back in my bed. It was scary for Mommy, but I'm okay. We will try again tomorrow. The nurse took my feeding tube out of my mouth today (well really I helped her pull it out) so Mommy took some pictures of the first time she saw me with nothing on my face at all!

Garet: There are a bunch of pictures of me without cannula stickers on my face, too. All the nurses were talking about how cute I was in my orange outfit and one of the nurses told Mommy and Daddy that they made all of the nurses come see me. They even went and got the nurses that took care of Mommy when she was on bed rest and right after we were born to come see me. My weight last night was 4 pounds, 3.5 ounces. I took a whole bottle this morning when Mommy first arrived but was too tired tonight so the nurse will try again later. Aunt Kristen, Mommy told us that your football team lost tonight. There's always next year, and you can teach us about the Gators. Daddy keeps telling us we will be Auburn fans; Mommy keeps saying we won't care about football, but we will decide for ourselves!


  1. Simply precious, both of you. And thank you for the kind words about the Gators, Garet. You'll learn soon enough that life can just really suck sometimes. Although my life is significantly better b/c you and your sister are in it! Love you both lots!!!

  2. Oh, happy day! No more feeding tube. You're both looking wonderful! I love the new outfits.

  3. Kitt, you are so beautiful. I hope you are careful though and don't remove too much ahead of time! Try not to worry you mom so much, save that for your preteen years.

    Both of you have such kissable cheeks now. Just wanna hold ya and squeeze you. Congrats on how much of the bottle you both drank. Do you know that you are twins though? One being a morning person and one being a night person isn't actualy very twin like.

  4. love those little chubby cheeks! :) what a beautiful thing!