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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Our apologies.....

So many of you have called Mommy (or called Mommy's friends) to be sure we are okay. Rest assured everything is fine. Mommy was a little frustrated with us yesterday and she just didn't sign us in to write anything. So really she is the one apologizing for not letting us write. We overheard her asking the nurses today if they thought this was the last time she would be frustrated with her daughters. The nurses laughed and so did we!!!!! Mommy also promises to bring her camera tomorrow so you can see how we've changed.

Kitt: My reflux seems to be getting better. I did both of my bottles today (the first one really slowly and the second one really quickly). I also don't seem near as agitated and moody all the time like I had been last week. I am up to 6 pounds, 4.7 ounces now and am still eating 56 cc of Mommy's milk. She thinks that cow's milk was irritating my reflux so she has stopped eating all dairy to keep it out of her milk. Maybe that is helping; maybe it's the gas medicine they give me; or maybe I'm just growing out of it. In any case, we'll see how I do tomorrow. Grammy and Granddaddy also came by today so Grammy held me right before I ate tonight.

Garet: Well, I am the source of Mommy's frustration right now. I was cruising right along and up to 4 bottles on Friday. They were talking about me maybe getting to come home and all that. Then on Friday night, I stopped taking bottles. I haven't done one since! Then what really gets Mommy is that I smile, and when they put me back in bed so I can get tube fed, I just grin and grin. Now I only get 2 bottles a day so once I remember how to suck, swallow and breathe, I will get it all together again. I know I will!!!! My weight is 5 pounds 8 ounces now and I am up to 50 cc of Mommy's milk. Granddaddy held me for a while tonight during my feeding.

We will see you tomorrow. We will try to make sure Mommy posts something everyday until we come home!!!!!

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  1. Uh oh, Garet. Perhaps you are not aware of this yet, but children are supposed to be good little boys and girls, especially right before Christmas! You don't want any coal in your stocking, do you?

    Kitt, I am sooooooo glad that your reflux condition is improving. Won't it be great when you drink that delicious milk without it hurting you and you can sleep laying down????