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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Grammy and Granddaddy come to town!

First, we need to apologize for being late tonight. Mommy is making strawberry cupcakes for our nurses tonight and had to bake them when she first came home. We were surprised today when Grammy and Granddaddy came to visit us! It was very nice to meet Granddaddy for the first time and to see Grammy again. She brought us some little blankets and some gowns that we will have to grow into (we know we will be in them in no time!) We had lots of cuddle time today. Mommy was here from 8:00AM til 9:00PM again. Daddy came several times and Grammy and Granddaddy came once.

Kitt: I just did not have a good day today. My eye is kind of puffy for no apparent reason. The doctor says since it's not pussy and bothers Mommy more than it bothers me, he is not concerned yet. I am also very irritated right now and not tolerating the end of my feedings or even being held real well right now. The nurse thinks I am having what big people call acid reflux. Whatever, it's called, I would like for it to go away. I also really need a big dirty diaper real soon! My weight last night was 5 pounds, 4.8 ounces....not much of a gain, but a gain nonetheless. I did drink about 30 cc of milk from a bottle and the nurse will give me my second bottle tonight.

Garet: I had a great day! I took both of my bottles from Mommy with hardly any trouble. I did one of them in 25 minutes (we have 30 minutes to finish them)! I also breast-fed for about ten minutes or so. I liked that, but in here it's real important that they know how much I am eating and eating that way really tired me out. Maybe soon, I will get three bottles a day. Part of being able to go home is to take 8 bottles in 24 hours. I weighed 4 pounds, 4.25 ounces last night. I might be small, but I am strong and want to go home. By the way, Grandpa, we already know about Dr. Seuss. Mommy has been reading us stories that he wrote since we were in her tummy. Even so, we can't wait to see our room!


  1. You girls look so content and happy to be in the arms of your Grammy and Granddaddy and they look so happy to be with you girls!

    Oh Kitt, I'm so sorry that you are not having a good day. I hope your eye and tummy are much better by tomorrow.

    Nicely done, Garet, in drinking your milk. You are getting big and strong.!

    Love, G.A.M.A.

  2. So good to see the girls getting bigger and bigger! I sure hope Kitt's eye starts to feel better soon.

    Keep drinking those bottles girls!