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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mommy's doctor (who delivered us) came in today to see how much we had changed since last he saw us. He said we looked great and he was surprised at how big we had gotten! He also told Mommy how cute we are. We think so, too (so do Mommy and Daddy).

Kitt: I took some of the first bottle Mommy tried to give me this morning but left about 20 CC. My feedings got increased to 56 cc. Just when I start to do bottles, the doctor keeps increasing how much I have to eat! I finished my second bottle tonight and even had about 5 minutes to spare. My new weight tonight is 5 pounds, 12.9 ounces.

Garet: I didn't do either of my bottles today. I am starting to have issues when drinking them where I won't swallow. It's like I get so excited to get the milk in my mouth that I keep drinking without swallowing what's already in there. My new weight is 4 pounds, 14.7 ounces. Maybe by Monday I will be in the 5 pound range, too. Remember when the big milestone was making it to 3 pounds? We have come a long way!


  1. OMG, just when Kitt has a good day, then Garet has a bad day! Too bad. We are looking for good days for both of you! I know they will come.

    I am so excited about the weight gain you are both having. Wonderful!

    Love, G.A.M.A.

  2. Keep up the good work girls. I think about you both every day and I enjoy getting to see your pictures and hear about your progress. Even though some days are better than others for each of you, you have both come such a long, long way on your journey so far.