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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Garet: I took all of my first bottle for the nurse but had some breathing episodes during it. The good part is I recovered mostly on my own and was still able to finish the bottle. I liked being held with my sister today, too. Tonight, Daddy gave me my whole bottle! I had some more episodes during it, but for the most part I recovered on my own and Daddy did a great job with it.

Kitt: Today when Mommy and Daddy came in, the nurse had already given us our first bottles. I took about 20 cc of my first one. My day went pretty well. Mommy came back in later in the day and the nurse let her hold me and my sister together for about 30 minutes. It was nice. Then Mommy and Daddy both came back tonight. I took 30 cc of my bottle tonight for Mommy and then fell fast asleep before finishing it.

There are supposed to be two new babies coming in tomorrow so we're not sure when Mommy will come in the morning but we know we will see Mommy and Daddy some time.


  1. Good work with the bottles girls. I think you may be getting the hang of it now.

  2. Hello Kitt and Garet,

    I have never seen your Mom look happier than she looks in today's picture with both of you in her arms. She does look a wee bit tired though.

    And your Dad is getting so good with feeding you girls! Bravo, Joe!