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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Back to four

Kitt: Our nurse today was excited to have us because she says her specialty is getting preemies to take bottles. I did well with the two bottles that I did while she was here (Daddy did one of them and Mommy did the other). I am up to 62 cc of Mommy's milk. Hopefully tomorrow they will up me to 4 bottles so I can keep up with my sister. Later tonight, Grammy and Granddaddy came and Grammy held me just for a few minutes.

Garet: I am up to 4 bottles a day (again!) Hopefully this time I won't tucker out and I can keep going with them. Once I get 4 down, they will move me to 6, then 8, then home! I am now getting 55 cc of Mommy's milk.

Granny came to visit us today for an hour or so and held one of us while Mommy was feeding the other one of us.

Aunt Bernadette, Uncle Phillip and Aunt Janet came and looked at us through the window. We are glad they got to see us. Unfortunately, Mommy and Daddy forgot their camera......

See you tomorrow with more good news, we hope!

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  1. Kitt and Garet, it was so good to finally see you yesterday. Hurry and get home soon so you can open presents! And listen to your fun songs.