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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kitt: I am so close to 6 pounds!!!! I weigh 5 pounds, 15.8 ounces. I had my eye checked again today. Mommy told me this story about when she was a little girl and after falling off her bike, had to have this huge shot. Her mommy (our Granny) got so lightheaded she had to ask the doctor for a Coke. Mommy said she thinks she knows how Granny felt: she didn't think she could watch so she waited outside while the doctor looked at me. It was a good thing since I screamed the whole time. Bottom line is there are still some problems with my eye. The doctor gave me some different eye drops to try to get the pressure down and to get the clot to clear up. Unfortunately, I will have to have it checked again next week. I did my whole bottle tonight for my Daddy and the good news it didn't seem like I was as uncomfortable as I usually am. Maybe I am turning a corner! Be sure to check out the picture with me and my "friends." Mommy thinks I was having a staring contest with them. The nurse told her that I stared at them for at least an hour before I finally fell asleep.

Garet: I weigh 5 pounds, .4 ounces now! Barely over five pounds now but every little bit counts. We are both still having a really hard time taking our feedings so the nurse talked to the doctor and we are getting a visit soon from the Speech Therapist. She is going to watch us eat to see if she can give Mommy some tips and suggestions on how to help us eat better and not get choked on our milk. Of course, we will let you know how it goes. For the most part, it was a good day for me. I just hung out trying to get bigger and trying to figure out how to drink milk from a bottle. I did drink my whole bottle from Mommy tonight. Also be sure to check out my picture with Santa!


  1. Love the picture with Santa!! Boy they are really getting big! Thanks for keeping up with the blog. It's good to hear how they are progressing.

  2. the smiley-Garet picture is precious! such happy girls!