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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

On the mend

Kitt: I am feeling better today it seems. I still have my IV for getting antibiotics and the doctor seems to think they are really helping. I am also getting eye drops for the puffiness and they have helped a whole lot. My eye isn't oozing anymore so that is good. The doctor upped my feeding to 54 cc and they also increased my caffeine to help me to remember to breathe. Since they did that, I have not had any issues with my breathing and heart rate. I still am not taking bottles well, but like everyone keeps telling Mommy, when I'm ready it will just happen. They say something in my head will click and I'll be good to go! Mommy and Daddy hope that day comes soon.

Garet: I get more food now, too. I get 45 cc of milk but like my sister, have still not really figured out the bottles. I can't wait for the day when everything clicks for me. One nurse said once it all starts working together, it will just be a short time before we get out of here. Mommy and Daddy were here all day again which was nice but I think they are getting tired, too. This makes for long days for them!

Brittany: Sorry, friends. There are no pictures today. I was so busy holding my babies that we just didn't take any. I know you'll understand. Thanks to all of you for reading our blog and for praying for us all. See you tomorrow!


  1. oh brittany, i missed yesterday's update. so glad to hear the antibiotics are working, and i'm hoping and praying that they get the hang of the feeding SOON!

    don't ever apologize for not posting pictures. while we all love to see how the girls are doing, your being able to cuddle and hold them is the most important thing right now.

    keep on keeping on. you, joe and the sweet, sweet girls are always in our prayers.

  2. absolutely! Love that you held them so much we didn't get any pics because I know they loved it too! Have a great day and take care of yourself!!