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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Maybe we're getting it???

Kitt: I got moved to three bottles today! Not only did I get upped, but I completely finished the first two and almost finished the third one. The nurse was so impressed since my third one came the feeding right after the second. Normally they try to give us a break between bottle feedings. Both Mommy and Daddy came a couple of times to feed me and hold me.

Garet: I did two of my three bottles today. The second one was super fast.....only 11 minutes! I finished the third one but I had a couple of breathing episodes during that one. Mommy did what she was supposed to do to help me recover and I was able to finish. We are getting some of our newborn shots later tonight but they are going to give us a little Tylenol so we won't hurt too much. Mommy is relieved that she doesn't have to be there for these!


  1. come on girls, you can do it! It would be the perfect gift for your mom and dad! Keep downing those bottles!

  2. That's perfect, girls! That's all your Mom, Dad and all of us really want for Christmas -- the two of you drinking your milk and getting out of the hospital and into your beautiful room.

  3. Keep up the good work, girls! We're all pulling for you to get to meet Aunt Kristen and Uncle Michael before they have to go home, but we surely don't want you going home before you're ready. Give all your family our love and wishes for a very Merry Christmas! Your cousin Marshall turns a year old this week and he wants to meet you girls too!

  4. I love you soooooooooo much, Kitt and Garet!!! I can't wait to meet you soon.