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Monday, December 21, 2009

Kitt: I didn't quite finish my bottle this morning but I sure did work hard at it. The nurses say I sure am slow and steady. I did my second bottle for Daddy tonight...again slowly, but I did it. The other nurse said we're doing well, but we're sure not going to win any races! The doctor talked to Mommy tonight and said she is going to keep watching our progress on the bottles but if we don't make any we will go home on feeding tubes and Mommy and Daddy will have to work on the bottles with us since that is the only thing keeping us here. Mommy and Daddy are sure hoping we figure it out before that happens. Granny came to visit us today and held me for a while before my feeding. She also changed my diaper, too!

Garet: I did my morning bottle for the nurse even though it took the whole 30 minutes. Then I did another bottle for Mommy in only 15 minutes! My third bottle got off to a great start but I sure tuckered out. The doctor called the speech therapist down to watch me eat to see if there is reason for this problem we have. Of course, there is no problem; I just don't seem to want to eat. Granny held me for a while, too, and tried to tell me about taking the bottles, so Santa Claus would come and see me, but I don't even know who that is! Granny brought us both stockings with our names on them, too, so now we have one at home and one here.

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