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Monday, December 28, 2009

Another Monday.....

Kitt: I seem to be doing well with my bottles. Daddy came in to do our 5:00AM feeding and I didn't finish that one but I did my next two with Mommy. I was just too tired early this morning. The first one I finished took the whole time (plus a few minutes) but the second one was fast! The doctor referred to me as the big, lazy one (he didn't think I heard him) but I am going to prove him wrong! I have one more bottle tonight at 11:00 so we will see how it goes. Grammy and Granddaddy came to visit today but they didn't hold me because Mommy was giving me my bottle.

Garet: I, on the other hand, am having a hard time with my bottles still. I did a little bit of each of them but didn't finish any today. I still have one more chance late tonight so we will see how it goes. The speech therapist came again today and worked with both of us for a little while to help our mouths know how to eat. Granddaddy held me for a little while today after I ate.

See you tomorrow!

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