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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Weighing in....

Kitt: I hit the 6 pound mark! My current weight is 6 pounds, 1.2 ounces. In case you can't tell in the pictures I am really getting chubby. I finished my whole bottle for Mommy this morning and finished almost all of it for Daddy tonight. I think the nurse is going to count it as being finished because she didn't put it in my tube. I still seem to be a little agitated because of the reflux but it wasn't as bad today as it has been. Maybe it is getting better.

Garet: I weigh 5 pounds, 2.9 ounces now! I am really getting big, too. I finished both of my bottles for Mommy today, AND I did them fast which is the trick to getting increased. Maybe tomorrow I will get increased to three bottles a day. There is not much else new with us today. We will see you tomorrow!

One of the nurses lets Mommy hold us together for one of the visits each day so here we are back together again!

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  1. i love those little chubby cheeks! :) keep eating girls!